Automotive Showroom Floors

An automotive showroom is more than just a place to hold the vehicles being sold. It is a place to paint those vehicles in their most positive light and get the customer to feel the emotions you want associated with your brand. Whether that is a sense of security and approachability or something more sleek and modern, your entire dealership should reflect it. That includes your automotive showroom floors. While you may think that the customer won’t notice the floor, that’s not entirely true. They may not consciously notice it, but the floor you choose certainly determines whether your vehicles will truly look their best.

Durable Yet Refined

 Obviously, durability is an important component when choosing automotive showroom floors. Not only will people be in and out of the room all the time directly from the outdoors, you’ll need to move vehicles around as you change your stock or your layout. The floor you choose needs to be able to stand up to this kind of heavy use without taking damage and needing to be replaced immediately.

However, plain concrete or similar industrial flooring may be great for a warehouse, but it simply won’t cut it for your automotive showroom floors. Appearance is just as important as durability in this case. You want a floor that is in line with your branding and that looks polished and finished without taking attention away from the vehicles. Smooth, seamless, modern-looking surfaces are the current trend for the contemporary automotive showroom floor.

 A Unique Statement

 Elite Crete India Flooring Solutions Pvt Ltd has the perfect solution for any automotive showroom floor. The solution is so versatile because it is not a one-size fits all fix. Instead, it is a type of flooring that can be customized to your specifications, including patterns inlaid in the floor. It can be installed as a new floor, but it can also be applied over existing floors, so it works for an update to your current dealership or as part of the design of a new automotive showroom.

We’re talking about Elite Crete India Flooring Solutions Pvt Ltd’ fluid applied commercial flooring, and specifically, their REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring. The REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring is a good choice for automotive showroom floors because it does have a reflective finish, which helps feature the cars that rest on its surface even more. It also looks amazing and is durable and seamless, which makes it very easy to keep clean and undamaged.

Because of the nature of its liquid application, the floor for your showroom will be completely unique, and you can customize it to the patterns and colors you need for no extra charge. It is much easier to manage and care for than other floor materials, such as the tile that has been popular for showrooms in the past. Let Elite Crete India Flooring Solutions Pvt Ltd handle your flooring problem by giving you an automotive showroom floor that stands out from the rest and makes your vehicles stand out too.