Renovating Your Business Space


cafeHaving your own business can be one of the most exciting adventures of your professional career and having a business space that is inviting, unique and modern plays a key role in your company’s brand. First impressions are important in the eyes of consumers and nailing that impression right off the bat is a vital! Whether you are a seasoned business owner or are just starting out, looks matter and with that being said, you should take note of the visual appeal of your space.

Consumers take notice of how well you have everything put together from the ground up and those include the overall vibe and feel they experience when they walk into the door. From the type of flooring material you have to the color of paint on the walls, a consumer will be quick to analyze their surroundings. The visual aspects of your business space may be more important than your product/service at first. With this in mind, you should take into deep consideration of revamping your space to make that first impression great.

Start From The Bottom

First things first, you want to have an inviting floor space because it’s literally the first thing consumers will feel! Choosing a gorgeous flooring material that can provide durability and customization with your brand in mind is key; this is why you should opt for commercial floor coatings that can provide that. Choosing a poured concrete floor has more benefits than any other flooring material because it’s cost effective, easy to maintain and provides for limitless design options. Best of all, it can be installed on existing floors. Your consumers will be able to walk in, notice your unique floor and think about the quality you put into it which will set precedence for the rest of the space.


Since you have gotten the floor covered, the next step in renovating and revamping your business space in terms of furnishing. Of course you want to select the furnishings that make sense for your company. Are you a retail store, cafe, gym, haircut studio or car dealership? Depending on what you are providing will depend on how you furnish your space. While all these businesses may be different, one thing is for sure, you want to have optimal flow with a fluid layout. This means you want to be sure consumers can get to where they need to be with ease.

Implementing a fresh look and design could be exactly what your business needs which could prompt consumers to take to the streets telling others of their experience. After all, word of mouth travels fast and it’s a free advertising tactic!

Caution: Slippery Kitchen Conditions


chefA job in the restaurant industry isn’t your typical 9 to 5 desk job in an office occupation; more often than not, restaurant employees are constantly on their feet delivering food to tables, grabbing drinks at the bar or poking around the kitchen for extra bottles of ketchup. With this in mind, have you thought about the type of flooring that must be in restaurants? Imagine the times where a drink accidently spilled or a plate of food hit the ground. These incidents are common occurrences in any eatery and having a flooring surface that can handle that type of mess is important.

The safety of workers and customers is a main priority in restaurants because there’s always a chance of a slip and fall that could injury someone. Restaurants typically choose a floor that can withstand the abuse of falling food and drinks while also serving the main purpose of keeping you on your feet. Also, restaurants will often times have anti-slip flooring surfaces that combat slippery conditions at their source to keep employees and guests upright. While the dining room floor may be covered, owners must take into considered another area that takes on a heavy amount of foot traffic: the kitchen.

You can say the kitchen is the heart of a restaurant; after all, it’s where the food is made. Chefs cook all type of different food with numerous amounts of ingredients and some of those ingredients happen to be quite slippery, like vegetable oil, and if they make their way to the ground it could be a problem. Commercial kitchen floors need to handle these types of messes in terms of cleanliness and more importantly, safety. Imagine a floor that has a crack or crevice where dirt and grime could hide; this could lead to health risks because regular concrete floors can hold bacteria on their porous surfaces.

Did you know that, according to the CDC, 48 million people get sick from a food-borne illness each year? With stats like those, it’s paramount to make kitchen floors not only anti-slip, but also easy to clean up and sanitize. A commercial kitchen floor featuring an epoxy coating protects concrete with a topcoat that creates a moisture-resistant barrier—perfect for an easy clean up in a messy kitchen. This type of coating helps maintain a healthy environment where bacteria can’t thrive. Taking an extra step (literally and figuratively) in changing commercial kitchen floors could help prevent the spread of food-borne illnesses.

What Sets Elite Crete India Flooring Solutions Pvt Ltd’ Commercial Flooring Apart?

Image of Elite Crete commercial flooring systems

When your business needs a commercial flooring solution, you have lots of materials to choose from. But many materials suffer from serious drawbacks: if they’re not expensive, they’re fragile; if they’re not fragile, they have limited visual appeal. At Elite Crete India Flooring Solutions Pvt Ltd, we set out to engineer a floor that would meet all of your business needs, and we believe our commercial flooring systems have succeeded.

Here are just a few of the advantages to Elite Crete India Flooring Solutions Pvt Ltd’ commercial floors:

1.  Extremely affordable – For most businesses, this is a key factor in any investment—especially large, long-term investments like your choice of commercial flooring system. Elite Crete India Flooring Solutions Pvt Ltd’ engineered floors come at a much lower price point than other varieties and, due to their long lifespans, they are cost-effective over time as well.Image of Elite Crete commercial flooring systems

2.  Intense durability – Any commercial space needs to stand up to serious wear and tear, and to keep looking great for years to come. Our commercial flooring solutions are incredibly durable and wear-resistant, even in the highest traffic areas, whether foot or vehicular.

3.  Virtually limitless design options – Style is as important to many commercial ventures as cost is. Beautiful flooring options allow a space to be peaceful and pleasant, bright and energetic, hip and moody, crisp and professional, or branded to convey your company’s image. Whether you want the look of classic tiles without the hassle of maintaining them, the sheen of hardwood without the constant wear and tear, or a tailored design that makes the space your own, our custom commercial flooring systems will look the part.

4.  Low maintenance – Elite Crete India Flooring Solutions Pvt Ltd’ flooring is quite possibly the most low-maintenance material you can find. Gone are the days of annual waxing or constant repairs. Sealed with our epoxy finish, your floor will last many years before needing a new coat.

5.  Rapid installation – Whether you are rushing to build a new retail space, or trying to refinish an existing one with as little disruption to business as possible, we offer quicker installation than traditional flooring materials would require.

6.  Works for new or existing floor – Elite Crete India Flooring Solutions Pvt Ltd’ commercial floors can be installed directly over an existing floor or substrate with no problem.

7.  VOC free – Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are common in many paints and construction materials, but we’ve taken pains to keep them out of our flooring systems. That means your business can rest assured that the floor is completely safe and that it meets the highest environmental standards.

What do you look for in commercial flooring?

What To Consider When Selecting The Best Commercial Flooring For Your Business



How To Get The Most Out Of Your Garage


006Are you a homeowner that has a garage? If so, are you using it to its full potential?

While the general purpose of a garage is to keep your vehicle protected from the elements, it has so many more uses than that. Often, people will turn their garage into a hobby space, workshop or game room and if that’s something you want to pursue, it’s time to think about the renovation options you have.

Just like any other home renovation product, you want to make your garage a suitable living space that you can get the most out of. With that being said, you should take into consideration the following points:

  1. Flooring. The flooring in your garage can be just as important as the flooring in your home. You want something that can be durable, versatile and will last for a very long time. Think about the future – it can be difficult to predict what your garage will be over the years so choosing the right kind of flooring should be your first priority. Typically, garage floors will be made up of an unattractive gray concrete slab. Invest in an epoxy garage floor coating that can be custom designed to fit your style. Some examples could include vibrant finishes or unique patterns that will give the space a custom feature.
  2. Walls. Besides the fact that one side of your garage will be a large door, consider enhancing the walls. More often than not, garages will look unfinished with exposed dry wall that has no aesthetic appeal. A simple paint job could give your garage a new look. In addition to a room makeover, find some wall decorations that suit your tastes and hang them up. Hanging up a dart board or just a few pieces of art could make your garage a new living space to enjoy.
  3. Furniture. If you decide to use your garage as a hobby space or workshop, you can look for some hardware cabinets at local hardware stores to install. Your options will be limitless and you may even use your garage as additional storage space. Consider hanging cabinets on the walls to save floor space for your vehicle.

Whether you are turning your garage into a showroom for your ride or you’re going to make it a workshop, start at the first step of tackling the floor for a brand new look.