How We Can Help You with your Flooring Project

We receive hundreds of inquiries weekly and can help each one with exactly the type of assistance or information they need.

Architects & Specifiers – We work hand in hand every day on project details, recommendations, specifications and onsite assistance with specifiers and designers from across the world. We mean no offense when we say that we want to be involved in the entire specification process from start to finish. We typically find that specifiers need more insight about these products and finishes than what a document or website can provide them. Most of the time when our products and finishes are specified without our assistance, there are required changes to the finished specification that requires modification. Let us help, that is what we are here for.

We can also schedule an AIA accredited continuing education lunch at learn at your office so you and your staff can learn more about the various flooring and finishes we have to offer. Lunch and learns are available in all areas of the U.S., Canada and many international countries.

Property Owners – It all starts with you doesn’t it? Elite Crete India Flooring Solutions Pvt Ltd brand and continued recognition wouldn’t be what it is today without property owners wanting these products and finishes installed. We can gladly provide finishes samples, brochures, color charts, product technical data sheets, case histories, quotations and onsite consultation to discuss any projects you need assistance with.

Contractors & Installers – Whether you are an existing Elite Crete India Flooring Solutions Pvt Ltd installer or one using a different product line, we are always willing to assist with project or product questions, technical support and even additional training. Contact us today and find out why more contractors switch to Elite Crete India Flooring Solutions Pvt Ltd over any other manufacturer.

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Regardless of the type of assistance you require, we can help. Contact us today and we will be of assistance.

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