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Over a decade ago we recognized that a great number of contractors, architects & specifiers in completely different parts of the country were only communicating amongst themselves via telephone or email. They would share design ideas or details of specific projects and really believed that the interaction was both a motivator as well as beneficial to their business.

In 2001 we launched a simple on-line discussion forum called Concrete Locator. We had originally secured the URL in hopes of creating a website where concrete contractors could place a free listing to advertise their services but decided to use it instead for the host of the off-site discussion forum.

It took a few months for to get off the ground but now has over 18,000,000 visits with more than 96,000 posts and is the most visited industry specific discussion forum of it’s kind.

People from different levels of interest use to get more informed about the options at are available. Whoever you are, there is sure to be various posts that will interest and educate you.

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