Concrete Parking Decks

The Importance of Waterproof Decking on Car Parks and Parking Decks

Multi-story car parking decks are an essential part of modern building construction and urban planning. Concrete flooring and concrete decks have to be properly protected against damage from water and de-icing salt. The most appropriate method of protection depends on use, exposure, and budget. This applies to both new structures and to older car parks that require maintenance. In both cases, repair and protection can be easily achieved with the use of resin coatings.


Parking Deck Coating

New Structures
Typically, in new car parks, the decks tend to be level and flat, with movement joints properly located. Surface preparation is easy
In new multi-story car parks, typically the reinforced concrete decking will be level and flat, recently laid to the correct falls, and with no extensive or serious surface defects or damage. The area should also be devoid of contamination, and the movement joints should be located correctly. Surface preparation is easy, usually done by vacuum and bead blast cleaning. A surface resembling sandpaper is created, and the deck is ready to accept the resin coating.

Existing Structures
With existing structures, it’s important to identify the exact nature of any defects or damage. If there are structural problems, obviously they have to be corrected before the deck coating is applied. The assistance of a structural engineer may be required.
Much of the time, older car parks are damaged or contaminated, and the concrete surfaces will be affected by freeze-thaw damage. De-icing salts will, of course, aggravate the problem. Because of this, surfaces require more preparation than they would in a new car park. The prepared surface will be rougher, and will require more priming and intermediate resin coats. This will be a particular concern for top decks that get a lot of exposure to the weather.

Special Areas
Regardless of whether the car park is new or older, there are certain areas that will always require special attention because of increased traffic. These include the ramp areas and the turning circle areas. Both may require an enhanced level of waterproofing. It should also be noted that ramps can be problematic because of the slopes. Resin products typically have superior “flow” characteristics, which are an advantage when working on the decks themselves, but more of a complication when working on slopes.
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Here is an overview of recommended products for a Parking Deck System.  For your custom spec’s please visit SPECIFICATIONS

  1. Surface preparation: Shot blast (preferred), grind, to remove and profile the floor surface and remove contaminants.
  2. Surface and joint repairs if required.
  3. HERMETIC™ Paramount (self leveling slurry) if surface is bad. If not, move to next step.   Download Product Sheet
  4. E100-VB5™ vapor barrier epoxy if moisture, humidity or rising damp is a concern after RH Meter test. Download Product Sheet
  5. E100-FS4™ Flexible epoxy as primer coat. Download Product Sheet
  6. E100-FS4™ Flexible epoxy as a broadcast binder coat. Download Product Sheet
  7. Broadcast to rejection: color quartz, silica quartz or carborundum granuals.
  8. Topcoat with either – E100-PT1™ Clear, E100-UV1™ Clear, E100-PT4™ Pigmented or E100-VR1™ Clear UV resistant.
    E100-PT1™ Clear
    E100-UV1™ Clear
    E100-PT4™ Pigmented
    E100-VR1™ Clear UV resistant