Slip Resistant Concrete Pool Decks

Pool decks done with Elite Crete decorative concrete products can provide a slip resistant and safe finish for wet areas that will resist most pool chemicals and salt water while providing a custom look and design.  Elite Crete pool deck products are available in a variety of colors and finishes.  Concrete overlays and resurfacing products will provide a new surface on old damages or stained concrete pads.  If you want to mimic the look of stone, rock or brick you will want to take a close look at Stamped Concrete or Stenciled Concrete.  These will give the real textures of stone and rock while our stains will provide the coloration of natural earthy colors.

In order to achieve optimal and longest lasting results we recommend using a completely compatible system from Elite Crete.  To specify this stamped concrete pool deck coating around your commercial or residential pool please refer to the complete system specifications below.


Stamped Concrete Pool Deck Overlay – Ideal for both new and existing concrete pool deck areas.

*NOTE:  Each installation and application is different please contact Elite Crete for assistance in selecting and specifying your own custom complete system.

Products and Recommendations:

Surface Preparation Material:
Primer Material:
Stamp Overlay:
Coloration System:
Stamp Pattern Mats:
Top Coat:
Cleaning & Maintenance Recommendations: