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Interior Water Park: Splash Village Get Decorative Concrete Flooring

According to the USA Swimming and the National Swimming Pool Foundation, there are approximately 10 million commercial and residential swimming pools in the United States alone with roughly 360,000 public pools and over 100 indoor water parks that remain open all year long.

It is estimated that 97% of these swimming pools are supported and surrounded by concrete. Plain, gray, unprotected concrete… This is where Elite Crete Systems comes in. Pool deck coatings can be applied to virtually any stable concrete pool deck, providing the look and feel of many natural and synthetic building products such as tile, brick, various stones, slate and more.

Color choices are near endless as well. Although the aesthetic appeal might be the primary reason why swimming pool and water park owners want a coating applied to their pool deck, looks are only a part of the benefits and reasons why all pool decks should be coated. SAFETY: Swimming pools and water parks are places where slip and fall accidents frequently occur. It is obvious that areas with so much water all around would be a common place for these types of accidents. In addition, food or drink or concession stand products such as ice cream and soda can cause sticky messes and slippery hazards. With so many slick and dangerous surfaces, it is important for property owners to take precaution. As any attorney will tell you, it is the responsibility of the pool’s owner to ensure that he or she has done everything possible to make the pool area a fun AND safe place.

Elite Crete Systems pool deck coatings can be designed to greatly improve the slip resistance of any pool deck. Depending on the desired finish, pattern and texture, even soaking wet surfaces can be made extremely slip resistant. PROTECTION & LONGEVITY: New concrete surfaces are great but it doesn’t take long before they are stained and ugly. And cleaning the concrete to get it back to its new look is nearly impossible. Because all pool deck coatings from Elite Crete Systems are sealed, owners no longer need to fear food, drink, oil, etc. staining their surface. In addition, all of our coatings are high resistant to deicing salt, exposure to UV rays, cold climate freeze/thaw, hot climate blazing sun and even high traffic commercial areas. Because our polymer modified cementitious coatings create an actual chemical bond (not a paint like mechanical bond like other coating products), they are permanent and actually exhibit vastly improved performance characteristics than the concrete itself.

Retail Store Flooring: Sun and Sands Indoor Running Track

Located in Mirdiff City Centre Mall in Dubai, UAE, the architect for the Sun and Sands sporting good store wanted a floor that was unique but also extremely durable. So Elite Crete Systems put their collective heads together and came up with the concept of creating an “Indoor Running Track” throughout the store.

Utilizing THIN-FINISH™ Pre-Mixed Overlay to obtain the subtle, authentic look and texture of a real track and sealing the floor with E100-PT1™ clear protective epoxy coating, Sun and Sands got exactly what they wanted… Unique AND durable. The outside perimeter of the track was coated with light gray E100-PT4™ which is a 100% solids high performance industrial grade epoxy coating.