What Sets Elite Crete India’ Commercial Flooring Apart?

When your business needs a commercial flooring solution, you have lots of materials to choose from. But many materials suffer from serious drawbacks: if they’re not expensive, they’re fragile; if they’re not fragile, they have limited visual appeal. At Elite Crete India, we set out to engineer a floor that would meet all of your business needs, and we believe our commercial flooring systems have succeeded.

Here are just a few of the advantages to Elite Crete India’ commercial floors:

1.  Extremely affordable – For most businesses, this is a key factor in any investment—especially large, long-term investments like your choice of commercial flooring system. Elite Crete India’ engineered floors come at a much lower price point than other varieties and, due to their long lifespans, they are cost-effective over time as well.Image of Elite Crete commercial flooring systems

2.  Intense durability – Any commercial space needs to stand up to serious wear and tear, and to keep looking great for years to come. Our commercial flooring solutions are incredibly durable and wear-resistant, even in the highest traffic areas, whether foot or vehicular.

3.  Virtually limitless design options – Style is as important to many commercial ventures as cost is. Beautiful flooring options allow a space to be peaceful and pleasant, bright and energetic, hip and moody, crisp and professional, or branded to convey your company’s image. Whether you want the look of classic tiles without the hassle of maintaining them, the sheen of hardwood without the constant wear and tear, or a tailored design that makes the space your own, our custom commercial flooring systems will look the part.

4.  Low maintenance – Elite Crete India’ flooring is quite possibly the most low-maintenance material you can find. Gone are the days of annual waxing or constant repairs. Sealed with our epoxy finish, your floor will last many years before needing a new coat.

5.  Rapid installation – Whether you are rushing to build a new retail space, or trying to refinish an existing one with as little disruption to business as possible, we offer quicker installation than traditional flooring materials would require.

6.  Works for new or existing floor – Elite Crete India’ commercial floors can be installed directly over an existing floor or substrate with no problem.

7.  VOC free – Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are common in many paints and construction materials, but we’ve taken pains to keep them out of our flooring systems. That means your business can rest assured that the floor is completely safe and that it meets the highest environmental standards.

What do you look for in commercial flooring?