Training & Certification

DETAILED, EXPERIENCED, HANDS ON, REAL WORLD TRAINING: This isn’t the facade of a “demo” you are used to.

PLAN ON BEING SLIGHTLY OVERWHELMED: We are going to show and teach you a lot. Take a deep breath, we aren’t going anywhere.

EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED: Training supplies, Product Information Binder, sales literature, completed samples and breakfast, lunch & refreshments both days.

GAIN PRIVATE ACCESS TO CONCRETELOCATOR.COM: The industry’s largest and most visited discussion forum online.

We take our trainings and certifications very serious and in return we want attendees to take them serious too. This isn’t about us putting on a “demonstration” where someone less experienced than you is just going through the motions or reading out of a book. At the same time, this isn’t where someone more experienced than you creates an artsy-fartsy piece of un-sellable, complicated beauty. Here, you will learn real-world applications, finishes and techniques that make and save you money. Period.

Since we protect who can and can’t gain access to our products, we need to be sure that trained and certified contractors know what they are doing when representing the Elite Crete India product line, brand, reputation and specifications.

Others have said we were a “cult”. This is not a cult. It’s a culture… A culture of using the highest quality products that are actually manufactured by Elite Crete India, not simply re-labeled. A culture of providing property owners and specifiers with the finishes and applications they want and are proud of, not failed project they will one day regret. And finally, a culture where we have the experience to engineer and develop quality products without using installers as guinea pigs.

Getting the big picture yet? If not, Elite Crete India might not be for you.

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